How to Refresh Home For the Spring Season

Spring is a season that generates warmth and beauty outside. We should tap the warmth and beauty into our homes and embrace a bright start after the dull winter days. As you transition your living room, garden, and heart to winter, it is time to transition the bedroom to a spring sleeping sanctuary. Here are a few easy tweaks to revamp and brighten the bedroom;

Make some furniture changes

Spring is the best time to incorporate bright and printed furniture. Whether it’s a bed or an ottoman, the fabric and pattern should be cheery to match winter happy vibes. You can match them with an accent wall. Floral wallpaper is an excellent option for revamping the wall appearance.

Go for Spring Scents

With flowers blooming, invite springy scents into your room. Use essential oils and a diffuser to get the scents to spread across the room. Do this to different spaces, including the bathroom, and enjoy the winter whiff.

Changes your Beddings

Heavy and dull winter duvets make the room gloomy and without space. It is time to get a colorful comforter with some bright throw pillows and rugs. Replace the furniture slipcovers with brighter ones and more radiant and lighter window draperies to give the room a vibrant look and feel.

Le fresh flowers do the magic

It’s spring, and flowers bloom everywhere. Walkout into nature and cut some flowers for your bedroom. Combine different kinds and colors and get a unique and colorful vase for them. If cutting the flowers is not for you, you can get them at ridiculously affordable prices from your local store, including Walmart. Flowers are the perfect spring bedroom additions that add a color pop to your room.